Funambol Citadel Connector

As of 2012, the Citadel email connector is unsupported due to lack of client and server support for newer smartphones and Funambol releases.

The Funambol Citadel Connector is a module for the Funambol device sync server that provides email sync and push email capabilities optimized for use with Citadel.

Major project goals include minimal configuration, code footprint and the use of Citadel features where advantageous.

The native Citadel protocol is used for communication between Citadel and Funambol. The db4o database powers the caching and metadata system

Feature overview

  • Implements standard email binding for OMA Device Sync
  • Clients available from Funambol for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and most J2ME-capable phones
  • Supports filtering of messages to a specific time period, and the truncation of messages and included attachments
  • Sending and receiving of attachments is supported


The Citadel connector is available as part of the Groupware Sync Server, which also contains the GroupDAV connector for Calendar, Contacts and Tasks

Source code

The Citadel connector source code is available as a Git repository from