Funambol Development and Consulting

I can offer my expertise in Funambol development to create and integrate mobile sync solutions for your application. I have also become familiar with several tools and frameworks in the course of my Funambol development that I can offer.

I can build:

  • Personal information sync solutions for existing and new solutions
  • Sync solutions for any type of data (database, files, etc.)
  • Push email systems for both standard (POP3/IMAP) and non-standard email servers
  • Web based front ends using asynchronous client side technologies (such as AJAX)

I know and have:

  • A high degree of familiarity with Linux and various distributions - Debian/Ubuntu, Red Hat/Fedora and Gentoo
  • A high degree of familiarity with Mac OS X
  • Proficient with Java Standard Edition technologies and frameworks such as db4o, Hibernate, along with Tomcat and JSP
  • Experienced with 'LAMP' technologies - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • Have knowledge in C,C++,Python, Objective-C and more
  • Have built client applications using JavaScript, AJAX, JSON and Qooxdoo


If you are interested in my development and consulting services, please email