FNET Network Stack for LPC176x

This is a port of the FNET network stack to the NXP LPC176x ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers, including the popular mbed and LPCXpresso boards.


  • IPv4 support with DHCP automatic configuration
  • IPv6 support with Neighbor Discovery
  • HTTP 0.9/1.0 server included in base project
  • Licensed under dual GPLv3 and LGPLv3 with linking exemption

Code size

Default configuration is for a 9216 byte heap (included in the BSS totals)- this can be configured as appropriate for the application

Configuration Text Data BSS
IPv4 Only 31000 448 10128
IPv4+HTTP 37880* 664 10740
IPv4+IPv6 43804 1700 10820
IPv4+IPv6+HTTP 50692* 1916 10820

* HTTP totals exclude the content image (~29KB in demo image)
All sizes relate to -O1 configuration with optimizations from -Os manually turned on (due to compiler issue with -Os and -O2 level and IPv6+HTTP)
The FNET port is compiled with the Code Red LPCXpresso IDE v5.0.10 which uses GCC 4.6.2.